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The Character Traits of Prophet Muhammad by Zakaria Bashier

The Character Traits of Prophet Muhammad by Zakaria Bashier

 Ali Musa Harahap*



As an introduction, the author of the book entitled The Character Traits of Prophet Muhammad, Prof. Zakaria Bashier, has divided his major discussion into two big parts. The whole of discussion deals with the reflection of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. In his discussion, we will see also how Prophet Muhammad PBUH runs his worldly life as normal individual towards his family, friends, and his society.

The first discussion is highlighting Prophet as the prophet of God. Taking a popular book written by Imam Abu Issa Muhammed ibn Issa At-Tirmidhi entitled Shama’ilu An-Nabi (PBUH) as reference, Zakaria Bashier describes that there is no Prophet or Messenger of Banu Israel were able to establish religion, society, state, and civilization other than Prophet Muhammad. In addition, the Holy Qur’an, the Book that entrusted to him from Allah, is perfectly preserved. Other than preaching pure and total Monotheism to the entire mankind, he was known for his appreciation, keeping good number of moral values such as courage, generosity, hospitality, relief of the distressed, combating the oppression of the unjust, and restoring the rights of those wronged.