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Muslims and Western Mêlée on Cultural Propensity and Apocalyptic Perceptions

Muslims and Western Mêlée on Cultural Propensity and Apocalyptic Perceptions

 Abdi Omar Shuriye
Assistant Professor
Department of Science in Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering,
International Islamic University, Malaysia


The corrosive image of Islam is becoming more inherent in the Western perception, not only from the increasingly inaccurate media coverage, but also the cultural propensity that extremely flouts the crux of Islam on the part of the Western sphere; academics, media and laymen in the West adhere to the same terminological and attitudinal tendency; the media creates distorted pictures, the academics supply the justifications and authenticate the images, the erroneous aura of Islam, and the unsuspecting audiences, the  society, make use of it to further arraign the message of the last religion in a spectrum of misconceptions. The repeated motion pictures on the screens are the irrevocable gurus of today’s Western public. The purpose of this paper is to explore the raison d’être of the traumatic patent of inaccuracy and evasive deviousness on the part of the Western hemisphere on Islam and Muslims. The war on carnage has come to resemble a war on Islam and Muslims; since 9/11 we have witnessed Muslims coming under constant assault although the Western establishments argue that the war is not a war against religion or against the Muslim faith rather against individual militants. The paper studies the foreign policy of the U.S. towards Islam and Muslims, particularly after the 9/11th incident avoiding poignancies and employing sagaciousness as its core method. The West seems to have identified a new enemy or victim: Islam. Paradoxically, however, the distance across the nature of Islam and its coverage of the entire continuum of philosophy of life, including the political aspect, is an adequate incentive to revile its message and adherents. This paper attempts to subtract the common political stereotypes in the West; ravenous political interest and pathetic heretical slogans seem to replace democracy and tolerance in the Western political system after 9/11.The paper further argues that the clashing dogma is not fundamentally on religious grounds, rather, these clashes are mainly motivated by politico-economic denominations.