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Globalisation and Modernity: An Intellectual Islamic Response

Globalisation and Modernity: An Intellectual Islamic Response

Atif Suhail Siddiqui *



This paper argues the basic assumption of modernity and globalisation. It claims that the western concept of globalisation is not in accordance of the general theory of globalising the cultures and social identities, but rather is a mere tool for achieving the goals of western modernity. After Modernity’s successful materialistic experiment in the West, its material impacts were cautiously analysed by the Islamic intellectuals and reformers especially during the period of colonisation. Therefore, for a necessary change in worldwide Muslim society to meet the global challenges, the Islamic revivalists must adopt rational, empirical and democratic ways and means without sacrificing their spiritual and ethical ideals, though there are exemptions of wholeheartedly accepting Modernity by a few Muslim revivalists or reformers. However, its evil impacts are still a menace for the Muslim society in the respective regions. The paper finally reveals that the Islamic resurgence is making its progress, primarily due to its acceptance of spirituality and universality; it has developed its own idea of modernity and globalisation.

In this way the Islamic resurgence has dismantled the premises and foundation of modernity and globalisation as understood and implemented in the West.